BackUP Team

Your safety in the spotlight

BackUp team is a young company that draws on decades of experience in all areas of security. We are authentic, knowledgeable and convinced that a well functioning team is the most important prerequisite for successfully carrying out orders together with our customers. Our team stands for professional handling of your order, short and efficient service routes included. You place your request and we do the rest by providing a comprehensive carefree package.

Event Protection

The right team for your event

Regulatory and intervention services are one of our core competencies. Our aim is to offer a total solution, tailored to the needs of our customers. All security matters are completely covered, eventually in cooperation with externals, always aiming to guarantee for an unforgettable and successful event for our clients. Thanks to our experienced team members and an event-oriented and selective team composition we succeed, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Building Security

Your object - our protection

As a customer you benefit from our vast experience in regulatory and intervention services. Our team, which has a majority of state-recognized diplomas in protection and safety, is additionally trained well in conflict management, communication and psychology matters. BackUp team acts as a problem solver and scores through the use of smaller teams and hence reaches optimal and satisfactory results. Occasionally we rely on external professional dog handlers and integrate them into your security arrangements.

Personal Security

You in the center

BackUp team comes up with a long list of providing services to renowned personalities, companies and groups. National and international education and perennial experience of the team in the area of personal protection are essential to guarantee our customers the necessary confidence for this job. Another indispensable cornerstone along with professionalism is absolute discretion. We allow no room for errors for this very personal service and do not only support you on specific occasions but also in your everyday life. Situational and if necessary, we also use handpicked freelancers. Our strength lies in the identification with the task while respecting your privacy.

Training & Education

Our knowledge as a basis

Another area of expertise is training and education in cooperation with Plan B Kurse. Training in various self-defense techniques and martial arts, courses for instructors and coaches, national and international certificates for all relevant issues in the security sector (incl. impact and firearms training) are only a few samples of the knowledge portfolio of our team. We aim to steadily develop ourselves further with focus on psychology, communication and social skills. Our customers are part of us, should therefore benefit from our know-how and be empowered "to understand safety and learn how to use it."


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